Multi-angle deployment

No matter how small the inconvenience is, it will bring unpleasantness. Hanging design, suitable for multiple scenarios. It can be expanded at 60 degrees and 180 degrees.


What's inside:


Wallet Pocket

File Pocket

Pencil Case x 3

Mobile Power Pocket

Mesh Pocket

Tablet Pocket

Laptop Pocket


Entrepreneur Pak "Blue"

  • Specification Color: Black/Blue/Pink Material: Nylon Pixel: 64*64dot Capacity: 20-35L Screen: LED Screen size: 25*25cm Support points: 64*64 full color dot matrix screen Supply voltage: 5V Power supply mode: charging treasure power supply Communication method: WIFI GPRS Program Support: Text Image Animation Product size: 42*31*10cm Product Properties:neon sign,backpack,hologram,neon signs Product Features:Backpack with Display,Technological sense, trend Highlights:Smart APP Control,wifi backpack Product Category:Pixel Bag,Smart Backpack,Pixel Bag,led backpack