Ingenuity at its finest is discovered in the Entrepreneurial Back Pak. We have enlightened advertisement and marketing, literally at the blink of the consumers eye. With every view, your business brand is glowing with LED lighting. Personalized advertisement, allowing you to brand yourself, your quote or your business. Creative freedom to express anything and everything you choose. Our Entrepreneurial Back Pak app allows you to control the content on the backpack and turns the person into a walking billboard. Innovation of the entrepreneur, fashion meets technology meets business.  

Our ingenious, innovative creation is ideal for all entrepreneur's professional needs and budgets. Whether it be a newly launched or well established business. Maybe brewing or developing a new flare in/for their business affair. Our LED Back Pak will shine the well deserved light required to accomplish that goal.   


The advantages of the Entrepreneurial Back Pak is to attract the public to your business and allow a platform to discuss who you are, what you do and how they can purchase, book or purchase you/your product.